Tutu fail

I started sewing this year and because I’m sewing some gifts for the holidays, I’m way behind on sharing my sewing and crafting wins and fails. I had an epic fail during halloween trying to make a tutu. I was really excited about sewing part of my Halloween costume this year. It wasn’t even a…

Jax the Husky

Husband and I have been talking about getting a second dog for years. Hubs wanted a husky while I insisted it was too much fur to maintain, so we never got far in the discussions. A couple years ago, some family friends asked if we’d like to foster their husky while they traveled abroad for a year and a half, so we jumped at the opportunity. Hubs could have his time with a husky to see if he reallllly wanted one and it was my opportunity to prove just how much hair floats around when there‚Äôs a husky in the house!