Four Corners Maxi Skirt

Y’all…I am SO excited because I finally finished sewing a maxi skirt! Not only was I able to check off “Sew a Garment” from my 2016 goals, but now I have a lovely skirt that will be perfect for Spring and Summer and will go with my plain white tee collection.


The fabric is Simple Simon and Company’s Four Corners knit line from Riley Blake Designs. I’m not usually a bold pattern kind of person. Honestly, the majority of my closet is sold colors with a few plain patterns and when I’m looking for different, I buy a bold scarf. (Snore, right?) But I’m trying to branch out into new patterns and colors this year and this skirt is the first step in that direction! I made the skirt using Simple Simon’s maxi skirt pattern (get it here for free!), size small and the fit is just perfect. I wanted the skirt to barely skim the ground when I walked so I took off about 3 inches and folded an inch under for the hem. And surprise! I even used a twin needle to sew the hem so it has cleaner, more professional look. The hem’s not straight by any means, but it blends in with the skirt so you can barely tell.


Overall, my first adventure in garment sewing was a success! The hardest part was actually butting the skirt using the pattern because I didn’t want to mess up cutting the actual fabric! It took me a good half hour of laying everything out just right before I took the scissors to the fabric. Beginner’s nerves I guess, but now I have a fab new maxi skirt to rock all summer long 🙂

Until next time, friends!

XO, Katie