July Reads…In November

I read this book over the summer and started this review back then, but life got busy and I forgot to publish this post…woops! So here is a July Reads in November – enjoy 🙂

Girl at War by Sara Novic: I cannot imagine growing up during wartime and being so intricately involved in said war. This novel shows a side of war I would have never previously thought about but is also a coming of age story about finding home even when every piece of home has changed.

Typically, when I’m searching for a fiction novel, I’m looking for something funny, or action-packed. Rarely do I go out of my war to read about violence and war. But when I saw the reviews for Girl at War, it said it was similar to Girl on the Train and All the Light We Cannot See, so I had to get my hands on it and I’m glad I did. Novic did a great job of weaving Ana’s, the main character, past and present together making her unrest easy to detect as she’s trying to find home during her college years. I think a lot of people in college are trying to sort through their past to reconcile it with their present so they can handle their future, myself included. Ana’s unrest really hit close to home and I love that Novic was able to incorporate that into her character.

The end of the novel was satisfyingly vague leaving room for hope and peace for Ana’s character, which I loved even though I wasn’t expecting the story to end where it did. Overall, it was a great read and I highly recommend to anyone looking for a different kind of story to shake up their usual fiction reads.

XO, Katie