May Reads

You know how you start a book and it’s good, but then life happens and you don’t read the book for two weeks and you weren’t far enough to be really invested in the story and you started to forget what was happening and how characters are connected? That was how I started my book of the month for May. But never fear! I started and finished a different book just in time for this review 😉

Maybe in Another Life, by Taylor Jenkins Reid: Have you ever made a decision, whether large or small, and later wondered what would have happened if you chose differently? This novel is a fun exploration of how both sides of the coin play out when the main character, Hannah, makes one decision after her first night back in LA. The novel was hard to put down, and Reid did a great job switching between parallel lives. Some core events happened in both universes and others didn’t, but ultimately, the characters end up finding their purpose and finding love in both versions of their lives. This was hard to put down so it went by quickly, but had some really thought provoking moments about life and why things happen to us. I definitely recommend this book if you’re looking for something that will pique your interest and quickly pull you into the story, but is overall light-hearted. And if you’re headed to the pool or beach this week, take this book with you!

Hope y’all are having a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day! Until next time…

XO, Katie