Yummy Flatbread Lunch

Necessity is the mother of invention, and I invented my own tasty flatbread treat this weekend. I bought some yummy naan from Trader Joes and was too tired lazy to cook something fancy, so I got inventive with what was on hand.


For this meal, my kitchen had a sweet potato, an avocado and some cherry tomatoes. Want to make some of this super-easy flatbread too? Here’s how:

Toast the Naan bread. Cook the sweet potato (I use the microwaveable sweet potatoes) and spread it onto the naan while it’s still warm. Slice or cube the avocado and place on the flatbread. Chop some cherry tomatoes (use as many or few as desired) and sprinkle on flatbread. Add salt and pepper to taste – I use Himalayan pink sea salt cause it tastes better 🙂

If you have a toaster oven, you can toast it again for a few seconds, or eat as is. It’s that’s simple! Quick, easy, and healthy meal or snack. And look at all those colors – it’s like a flatbread rainbow!


XO, Katie

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